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VR Transpoint

VR Transpoint, Finnish Railways, is a professional partner in Finnish-Russian rail transport for large-scale industry. Our expertise makes cross-border deliveries more efficient.
Company provides customers with diverse rail and road logistics export, import and transit transports with related additional services.
VR Transpoint is the only operator that takes care of the entire logistics chain from the customer to the destination in the traffic between Finland, Russia and the other CIS countries – even all the way to China.

Haparanda City

The sister cities Haparanda and Tornio on each side of Torne River, one in Sweden and one in Finland and in two different time zones are a historical trading site. Haparanda is a member of Railgate route, as Haparanda Sweden.

Kouvola Cargo Handling

Kouvola Cargo Handling has the best connections to Russia, CIS and China by rail. They operate the fast block train between Kouvola, Finland and Xi’an, China and are responsible for the route sales, loading and unloading of the trains as well as freight forwarding.

The Port of Narvik, Norway

The port of Narvik is incorporated in EU’s TEN-T CORE NETWORK. On-dock rail connects with the international railway network through Sweden for transport south and to the European continent, as well as through Finland for markets in Russia and China. Narvik is the largest port in the Barents Region and an important maritime town in terms of tonnage. A member of the Railgate route, as Haparanda Norway.

Scand-China International Link

Scand-China International Link, Finland & China Specialist advisor and cooperation partner in developing the Kouvola – China container train connection. They run the Railgate Finland representative office in Xi’an.

Xi’an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park

Xi'an International Trade and Logistics (ITL) Park is an economic pilot zone established by Xi'an and Shaanxi province to build a new highland for inland reform and opening-up. It is an important starting point and main platform for the province and city to implement the national Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).