Smart, safe and smooth – This is Railgate Finland!


Regular, scheduled and fast container train connection
  • Potential for even 1,100 meter length train; the gauge width is the same in Finland and in Russia
  • Export from Northern Europe to Asian and Russian markets
  • Import from Asia and Russia to Northern Europe
  • Versatile connections to and from Kouvola with different transportation modes
  • Reliable, safe, cost-efficient and intelligent logistics solution
  • 2.

    Powerful logistics ecosystem in Southeast Finland
  • Extensive logistics services nationally and internationally
  • Services and expertise in Russian transportation
  • Education and RDI in logistics field
  • Availability of expertise and workforce
  • 3.

    Emerging RRT intermodal terminal operations and value-added services
  • Efficient loading and unloading of long container trains
  • Services for feed-in and delivery transportation
  • Reliable and safe solution utilizing intelligent logistics
  • Futureproof Transport

    Asia’s growing role as a supplier to the EU has been acknowledged for a long time. As the growth of international e-commerce shows no signs of waning down, rail transportation is becoming more and more attractive from the perspective of the international logistics players.'

    The tracks, however, run the other way, too, as there is growing demand for e.g. high quality European goods and investment commodities in China and beyond.

    The Northern route – running from Finland to Russia to Kazakhstan to China – is 2,000 kilometres shorter than its southern counterparts. As the gauge width is the same in Finland and in Russia, there is only one reloading needed along the way (on the Kazakhstan-China border).

    4 Trends for the Future


    Evolution of customer needs
  • Smaller dispatch volumes
  • Faster, more accurate schedules
  • Wanted: transparent & sustainable operations
  • Open access principles, shipment tracking
  • Significance of cooperation and trust highlighted
  • Enter: e-rail
  • Smart rail solutions scale up (e.g. blockchain)
  • AI and automation used to optimize transportation chain
  • Power Corridors
  • Impact of international transportation corridors grows
  • TEN-T in the EU; Belt and Road Initiative in China
  • Strengthening, Attractive and Competitive Rail Freight connection between Europe and Asia. Large hinterland and market areas in both ends (Northern Europe and East Asia) as well as along the route (Moscow economic region, Northern and Western Russia, Kazakhstan).