RRT – Rail & Road Terminal

The heart of Railgate Finland is Rail & Road Terminal which aims to take intermodality into another level entirely.

City of Kouvola is building Rail & Road Terminal to be Finland’s first, large-scale Intermodal Terminal & Logistics Park. RRT is also a milestone project in international comparison. The living personification of smart, safe and smooth logistics, RRT is poised to write a new chapter in the annals of elastic transport.

The ultra-modern terminal has been designated by the EU Commission as the only TEN-T core network terminal in Finland. The project has received EU funding and is now being implemented. As soon as 2022, the terminal will be able to facilitate trains with a length between 800 to 1,100 metres.

Upon completion, RRT will feature extensive services for feed-in and delivery transportation. The terminal will operate under ‘Open Access’ principles: connections, capacity and services are open for everyone through equal and transparent pricing.

The terminal will be realized in the logistics hub of Tehola-Kullasvaara in Kouvola, which is a highly active area with already hundreds of companies in attendance. Not all local enterprises are logistics companies, mind you – it’s just that the appeal of the Railgate Finland that keep luring businesses in.

If your company can get a boost from logistics – in one form or another – this may well be the place for you.  The 130-hectare logistics area has an extension potential of 170 hectares – making sure that there’s room to grow in the years to come.

Get Connected!

RRT features excellent logistical location with

  • 90 km to the Russian border
  • 60 km to Port of HaminaKotka
  • 120 km to Helsinki

→ Extensive road, rail and sea connections to Nordic countries and Europe!


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